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Indoor recessed fixtures

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A false ceiling is the preferred location for positioning luminaires. The use of indoor recessed fixtures allows the best solutions both for general light and accent lighting, hiding the body of the luminaire and allowing just the light to come out of the ceiling.

All indoor recessed fixtures are designed to use the best lamps, able to produce the best light for use of the space in terms of tone and colour rendering, as well as having optimum light efficiency, guaranteeing a big reduction in energy consumption.

The introduction throughout the range of LED indoor recessed fixtures is in response to the need to combine light quality and energy efficiency. The LEDs are selected from the best in the world to guarantee top performance in terms of lifetime, unaltered colour and energy efficiency.

Solutions using fluorescent lamps use only electronic ballasts and are also available in versions compatible with the DALI protocol. In this way, the light flow can be automatically regulated in the necessary quantity and for the actual time needed, further reducing energy consumption.

For appropriate lighting, each indoor recessed fixture must have optics, reflectors and lenses which produce a wide range of lighting effects: from very focused beams of light for small objects or lighting details, to wall washer lighting effects for evenly lighting walls and vertical display surfaces.

Indoor recessed fixture have optics and screens which allow the elimination of glare, in accordance with international technical standards.

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