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Light management systems

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Light control systems allow the management of operation of a lighting system by sending digital signals for switching on/off or reducing the quantity and colour quality of the light emitted, depending on the actual requirements of the environment.

Lighting conditions for areas may be modified using specific light control systems depending on the complexity of the environments and the type and number of light variations (scenes) considered necessary.

Variations in light conditions can be obtained through programmed and automatic methods, or a combination of both. Light control systems allow the programming of a set of different switch ons (scenes) for luminaires in the area, defined to respond to the changed conditions in which the area is used.

Automatic changes can be activated by the light management systems using presence sensors, natural light sensors or manually with keyboards which, like a conventional switch, allow the user to retrieve the programmed scenes or to programme others.

Amongst light control systems, those which allow variations in the colour of the light in luminaires with RGB function, in particular LED luminaires, stand out.

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