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Outdoor floodlights

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The range of outdoor floodlights provides a structured set of solutions for lighting exteriors thanks to the expert lighting of architectures and gardens, at the same time guaranteeing a big reduction in energy consumption.

All outdoor floodlights are designed to use the best lamps, able to produce the best light in terms of tone and colour rendering, as well as having optimum light efficiency, guaranteeing a big reduction in energy consumption.

The introduction throughout the range of LED floodlights is in response to the need to combine light quality and energy efficiency. The LEDs are selected from the best in the world to guarantee top performance in terms of lifetime, unaltered colour and energy efficiency.

For appropriate lighting, each outdoor floodlight must have optics, reflectors and lenses which produce a wide range of lighting effects: from very focused beams of light for small objects or lighting architectural details, to wall washer lighting effects for evenly lighting facades and vertical surfaces.

The choice of materials and technical solutions for outdoor floodlights aims to optimise resistance to the weather, so that they can withstand outdoor application and vandalism in urban lighting projects.

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