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Track systems

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Fitting indoor spotlights on electric tracks allows lighting setups which are easily modified without the need for major technical work. This is particularly useful in places such as art galleries, shops and museums.

Electric track systems are a technical solution with an electric system housed in an aluminium structure which allows indoor spotlights to be freely attached along the entire length without the need for work by a specialised technician in full safety conditions.

The conductors which carry the electricity are protected in accordance with the most stringent regulations and the special adapter allows iGuzzini indoor spotlights to be powered.

The range includes tracks with two or more circuits (multi-phase) or which can be powered at very low voltage (12V). The version enabled to transmit DALI protocol signals allows management of the operation of compatible spotlights, both to create dynamic lighting and to automatically regulate the light flow in terms of the quantity and the actual time needed, reducing energy consumption.


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