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Urban lighting

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The city’s complexity calls for a structured approach to urban lighting which takes into account the different areas (from the centre to the suburbs) and elements which make up the urban scene (roads, buildings, monumental areas, parks).

The various places and situations are handled in the urban lighting project in such a way as to enhance the value of the areas, make them safe for the people there, promote the image of the city for tourists and residents.

The traditional technical solution for urban lighting is pole-mounted luminaires: streetlights with groups of floodlights for architectural lighting, systems for cycle paths and parks.

Pole-mounting outdoor floodlights allows use of the best lamps in terms of tone and colour rendering, as well as optimum light efficiency, guaranteeing a big reduction in energy consumption.

Parks and gardens in urban areas need specific lighting products such as pathway luminaires, ground- and floor-recessed luminaires, outdoor floodlights which create comfortable lighting conditions that are suitable for safety, at the same time withstanding bad weather and vandalism.

For porticoes and open architectural spaces on the outside of buildings, which are therefore even indirectly exposed to the weather, the use of outdoor pendant luminaires and outdoor recessed and ceiling-mounted luminaires is recommended.

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