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Cerchio vertical rod

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Product Details

  • Adjustable spotlight with adaptor for installation on Mini Limelight low voltage track.
  • The fixture has a cylindrical body that houses the lamp holder and a coneshaped body that contains the light source. Both are made in aluminium.
  • The plate that separates the two parts acts as a heat dissipator.
  • The fitting has a miniaturised articulated joint that makes the spotlight highly adjustable: 305° around the vertical axis and 130° (35 W) / 122° (50 W) perpendicular to the horizontal axis.
  • Provided with mechanical locking system for precision aiming.
  • Aluminium rods mechanically and electrically connect the illuminating body to the Mini Limelight track.
  • Ceiling application by means of electrified bases.

Colours available for Cerchio vertical rod

  • 15 Grey

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