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Cestello wall mounted square

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Product Details

  • Wall-mount.
  • Made of aluminium.
  • 2 different sizes.
  • The optical group consists of an aluminium frame to which all the optical elements are secured.
  • The frame is secured by an orientable supporting arm, with joints and mechanical locking mechanisms that allow the user to position the entire fixture.
  • Optical assemblies are mounted on two-axis articulated joints which allow an inclination of each light assembly by +/- 45° in relation to both the horizontal and vertical axis.
  • For low voltage versions the luminaire has an integrated electronic transformer in the structure’s lateral longitudinal members.
  • The electronic transformer has IGBT and TRIAC technology and it is dimmable.
  • For discharge and LED versions the electronic power supply is integrated in one of the 4 compartments of the structure, reducing the number of optical assemblies to 3.
  • Versions with high-performance LEDs with warm white and neutral white monochromatic emission; available with passive dissipation (with lamellar radiator) or active dissipation (with cooling fan).

Colours available for Cestello wall mounted square

  • 15 Grey

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