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CityWoody pole mounted

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Product Details

  • Street lighting systems for use with LEDs and discharge lamps.
  • Fitting has an optical assembly (MaxiWoody compact, small and medium body floodlight), pole, arm (single or double).
  • Optical assembly and frame in aluminium alloy; sodium-calcium tempered sealing glass, thickness 4 mm, secured with captive screws; 50-60 Shore A silicone gasket; super pure aluminium reflector.
  • The optical assembly is available in three sizes.
  • The support arms are in 70 micron hot galvanized steel and available in different lengths both in the pole and the wall version; pole fixing with painted aluminium flange, the fixing system does not require any drilling of the pole.
  • (Conical) poles are in galvanized steel, available in two different heights: 4 and 7 metres off the ground.
  • The driver allows the use of 3 fixed profiles (1/2/3) and one variable profile (4) for different output lumen levels and different powers.
    • Profile 1 fixed to 350mA
    • Profile 2 fixed to 450mA
    • Profile 3 fixed to 525mA
    • Profile 4 variable to 350mA
  • No upward emission of light flow.
  • Adjustable optical assembly.
  • Luminaire ready for pass-through wiring.
  • All screws are A2 stainless steel.

Colours available for CityWoody pole mounted

  • 15 Grey

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