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Deep Minimal downlight

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Product Details

  • Recessed installation in false ceilings with 12,5 mm thickness for Deep Minimal versions (without perimeter rim) using torsion springs.
  • Available in models with discharge lamps equipped with high-performing optics (ECA compliance).
  • Metal outer rim and steel sheet lamp compartment.
  • Die-cast aluminium optical assemblies in backward position with respect to the installation surface, equipped with articulated joints that allow for +/- 30° inclination with respect to the horizontal and vertical axes.
  • For HIR-111 lamps, use only electronic control gears.
  • The electrical wiring necessary for operation of fittings with discharge lamps is contained in dedicated control gears (to be ordered separately).
  • Versions with high-performance LEDs with warm white and neutral white monochromatic emission; available with passive dissipation (with lamellar radiator) or active dissipation (with cooling fan).
  • Easy fixing system without tools.

Colours available for Deep Minimal downlight

  • 01 White
  • 04 Black

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