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Delphi pole mounted 330x330mm

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Lighting Effects

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Product Details

  • Street lighting system for use with LEDs, metal halide, sodium discharge and fluorescent lamps.
  • Die-cast aluminium optical assembly and lid; sodium-calcium tempered sealing glass, thickness 5 mm; 50 Shore black silicone gasket; polished anodized reflector made of 99.93% super pure aluminium.
  • Die-cast aluminium pole-top with single and double attachment for poles ø 60, 76, 102, 120 mm, triple ø 102, 120 mm.
  • Die-cast aluminium lateral attachment for tapered poles with diameter from 46 to 76 mm.
  • No upward emission of light flow.
  • Adjustable optical assembly.
  • High visual comfort.
  • High performance optics (Opti Smart) and uniform light distribution.
  • No photobiological risk. This luminaire is in the “Exempt Group” (no risk linked to infrared, blue light and UV radiation) in accordance with EN 62471:2008.
  • The luminaire has luminous flux emission fully programmable directly from the product driver.
  • The driver allows the use of 3 fixed profiles (1/2/3) and one variable profile (4) for different output lumen levels and different powers.
    • Profile 1 fixed to 375mA
    • Profile 2 fixed to 450mA
    • Profile 3 fixed to 525mA
    • Profile 4 variable to 350mA
  • Compatibility with Telemanagement systems thanks to “Power Supply”, dual-operation Flux regulator and “LED Driver DALI” (0-10V/1-10V) compatible with the systems on the market.
  • Common mode surge protection up to 10KV.
  • An active control system modifies the current intensity to preserve the luminous efficacy and the lifetime of the LEDs under any ambient temperature conditions.
  • Replaceable driver unit and control gear.
  • All external screws are in stainless steel.

Colours available for Delphi pole mounted 330x330mm

  • 04 Black
  • 15 Grey

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