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Product Type
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iWay bollard square

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Lighting Effects

Product Details

  • Direct light luminaire for use with metal halide, compact fluorescent lamps and LEDs.
  • The fixture is installed in the ground.
  • iWay has a body and lamp compartment.
  • Extruded aluminium body; low copper content die-cast aluminium alloy base for fixing to the ground; polycarbonate diffuser; sheet aluminium lamp cover guard; super-pure aluminium reflector.
  • Aluminium component-holding box, die-cast (170 mm) or extruded (90 mm versions); removable component-holding plate, fixed to the box by captive screws.
  • Anchor base has Geomet-treated clamps, which are an extra guarantee against corrosion (to be ordered separately).
  • High visual comfort.
  • Temperature of contact <75°.
  • All screws are A2 stainless steel.

Colours available for iWay bollard square

  • 15 Grey

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