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Laser Pinhole fixed round

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Product Details

  • Recessed installation in false ceilings with 1 to 20 mm thickness.
  • Die-cast aluminium body, thermoplastic material.
  • ø 75 mm version available with fixed, adjustable or wall washer optic and as a single or double optical assembly unit.
  • ø 125 mm version available with adjustable optic, and only as one optical assembly.
  • Asjustable versions can rotate by 355° around the vertical axis and by 30° internally with respect to the horizontal plane.
  • Passive heat dissipation.
  • The minimum sizes of the installation compartment are displayed in the instruction sheet.
  • IP20.
  • IP40 for visible body of fitting after intallation.

Colours available for Laser Pinhole fixed round

  • 01 White

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