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Light Is Back at Cappella degli Scrovegni

Giotto's Cappella degli Scrovegni - Padua

Light Is Back at Cappella degli Scrovegni - Padua, Italy

Following the ‘perceptual restoration’ of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper in March 2015, iGuzzini continues its commitment to support cultural heritage by providing its lighting culture and research to another masterpiece, symbol of the Italian culture worldwide: Giotto's Cappella degli Scrovegni in Padua, Italy.

In line with the agreement concluded with the Municipality of Padua on 5 July, iGuzzini will collaborate once again with the Superior Institute for Conservation and Restoration (ISCR) to give new life through light to another ‘adopted’ masterpiece. This will allow people to appreciate the rich colours and details of Giotto’s famous frescoes. In the years to come, iGuzzini and the ISCR will also notify the custodians if the conservation and the enjoyment of the chapel could be further improved through new lighting technologies.

The primary objectives of iGuzzini’s involvement are energy efficiency, on the one hand, and improving the colour rendering for a more accurate perception of the artwork, on the other hand.

The lighting project will be completed in the first half of 2017.

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