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The Blade

Made of Precision
The Blade is coming

Beauty Matters

Beauty is a prayer.
It’s a light, arising from our intimacy.
There is a passage, a tear from which emotions spring.
And beauty asks us to sharpen a blade and free the depth of human spirit.
This is my work, my life.
This is my light, my blade.
Free your Blade.

The Blade Tour

The Blade, destined to be the next industry icon, is touring the world bringing innovation to your doorstep.


  • London

    March 2 2017

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  • Berlin

    March 23 2017

  • Paris

    March 30 2017

  • Lyon

    April 6 2017

  • Shanghai

    April 8 2017

  • Dubai

    April 10 2017

  • Sydney

    April 28 2017

  • Auckland

    May 2 2017

  • New York