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Underscore15 Perimetral

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Product Details

  • Three for one. Magical perimeters.
  • The Underscore15 perimeter profile is ideal for high impact applications. Its special aluminium profile structure is specifically designed to be inserted in suspended ceiling panels and the LED strip is set back to guarantee superior visual comfort in any context. This eliminates any risk of glare and makes the device practically invisible. Its grazing light effects deliberately outline space. Light beams surround ceilings and magically mark out floors. Underscore15 can also be installed vertically on walls to create a border that splits surfaces and adds a sensation of floating to interiors.
  • Perimetral profile.
  • For monochrome Ledstrip.

Colours available for Underscore15 Perimetral

  • 00 Indeterminate
  • 21 Incolore Satinato
  • 38 Opal

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