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Massimiliano Guzzini re-elected to Lighting Europe's Executive Board

The role of the Italian industry in the European

Massimiliano Guzzini has been re-elected for the next two years on the Executive Board of Lighting Europe

Recanati (MC), May 4, 2017 - Massimiliano Guzzini, Business Innovation Director of iGuzzini, and President of ASSIL (National Lighting Manufacturers Association) has been re-elected for the next two years on the Executive Board of Lighting Europe, the most important European association in the lighting industry. 

The confirmation of this prestigious role, valid until spring 2019, will enable ASSIL to further strengthen the role of the Italian industry in the European lighting scenario and to play an increasingly important role in the definition of safety and performance regulations, considering the profound knowledge and understanding of a constantly evolving market.

Indeed, in a challenging context like the present one, it is important to encourage the adoption of innovative, flexible and fast development models that will improve the competitiveness of businesses and the attractiveness of the entire country-system at an international level. With a total turnover in the lighting sector of € 4,174 million in 2015 (Source: ANIE), Italy is the second European producer after Germany, which in 2015 had a total turnover of € 5,700 million (Source: ZVEI, Die Elektroindustrie).
"Being reconfirmed in the Executive Board of Lighting Europe is an honor and a commitment to the entire Italian lighting industry," said Massimiliano Guzzini, Business Innovation Director for iGuzzini and ASSIL President. - "As ASSIL we intend to place even greater emphasis on Italian needs / requests in Europe. In fact, taking into account the continuous technological evolution and the need to strengthen relations with institutions and associations, we actively participate in the definition and integration of safety regulations and their defense" added Massimiliano Guzzini "At the same time, we will focus more and more on the market, the trends and innovation, as the engine for the growth and internationalization of businesses. Another issue to be taken into consideration is market surveillance and its related competitive asymmetry, which currently penalizes Italian and European companies against Non-European/global competitors. For instance, a UL mark is necessary to export to America, as well as a CCC mark is necessary to enter China, instead, to enter Europe a self-certification is enough. In the absence of adequate border controls, this situation results in lesser security for the final consumer and a loss of competitiveness for Italian and European companies that produce quality products and promote innovation," concluded Massimiliano Guzzini.

Lighting Europe is the European association that sets the guidelines for the lighting industry evolution. Established in 2012, the association aims to support and defend the lighting sector in Brussels promoting efficient lighting practices for the benefit of the global environment, people's wellbeing and security. It is composed of 33 bodies between national associations and companies and represents about 1000 lighting companies employing over 100,000 people.

ASSIL (National Association of Lighting Manufacturers) gathers 77 of the most representative Italian manufacturing companies of lighting components, light sources, and LEDs. ASSIL’s companies, with a total turnover of over than € 2.6 billion, perform over than 60% of Italy's total turnover in the lighting industry and employ approximately 10,000 employees.
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