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Iluminación de infraestructuras


Infrastructure Lighting

Infrastructure Lighting

Lighting for large areas

Traffic infrastructure hubs such as airports, stations, concert halls or theatres and big shopping centres often share the need for large scale lighting. High vaulted ceilings and the presence of load-bearing structures (columns and beams) often means that these specific projects for large areas require an approach based on specific solutions for individual functions.

Ground- and floor-recessed luminaires, outdoor floodlights, indoor recessed luminaires and indoor spotlights can be used for both airport and stadium lighting, creating comfortable lighting conditions that ensure safety. All indoor pendant luminaires are designed to use the best lamps, can be programmed to produce the best light in terms of tone and colour rendering, as well as having optimum light and energy efficiency. Indoor ceiling-mounted luminaires for spaces such as theatre lighting, are fitted with reflectors and lenses that allow the elimination of glare in working environments, in accordance with international technical standards.



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