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Compact - Wall-/Ceiling-mounted - LEDs - DMX512-RDM control - L=1490mm - Wall Grazing Optic - 51.8W 2071.1lm - RGBW

Product Information

  • Material: extruded aluminium
  • Size (mm): 1490x75x66, Weight (kg): 4.29

Available colours

Lighting parameters

Electrical parameters

  • Dimmable Electronic Control gear included
  • Control: DMX-RDM
  • N° lamps assembly: 1
  • Operating ambient temperature range: da -30°C a 50°C.

Technical Specifications

Installation information

  • Installation: The following accessories are available for the installation: adjustable aluminium arms ±90° L=138mm (code 5576), extendable aluminium arms from 309 to 389mm and adjustable ±90° (code 5577), stainless steel adjustable arms ±90° L=138 (code BZX2) stainless steel adjustable arms L=310mm (code BZX3), wall mounting bracket L=670mm (code BZW0) balustrade mounting brackets L=297mm (code 5578), support or ceiling installation bracket L=309mm (code 5570).
  • Environment: indoor/outdoor
  • Wiring: The product is supplied with electronic control gear, with DMX512-RDM control 220-240Vac, 50/60Hz contained in the luminaire. The following are available for the electrical connection and DMX-RDM control: 5 pole IP66 female connector (BZI5), 5 pole IP66 male connector + closing cap (BZI6), male connector + 5 pole IP66 female connector (BZI7), multipole cable groups with 5 pole male + female connectors (BZT4-BZT5-BZT6), connectors cap (BZQ7), 5 pole 3 way IP68 linear connector (Y type) (BZN7). DMX specifications require the insertion of a 120 Ohm terminating resistor to be placed between the DATA+ and DATA- cables of the last product in the line (code BZQ7)
Accessories (7)
  • 5576

    Aluminium adjustable arms +/- 90° - L=138
  • 5578

    Brackets for application on balustrade L=297 - L=297
  • BZI5

    Female connector with 5 poles - IP66
    • 04 Black
  • BZI6

    Male connector with 5 poles, with cap for unused male connectors - IP66
    • 04 Black
  • BZI7

    Couple of connectors (male + female) with 2 poles - IP66
    • 04 Black
  • BZN7

    Y connector with 5 poles IP68 - For the connection of the DMX or DALI signal cable and power supply cable
    • 00 Indeterminate
  • BZQ7

    End cap for connectors + 120 ohm thermal resistance
    • 00 Indeterminate