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iWay round belongs to iWay bollard round


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Photometric configuration only available on screens above 1024px

Select a combination of accessories to download
specific product data sheets and photometric curves.

    Product Information

    Available colours

    • 15 Grey

    Technical Specifications

    Accessories (10)
    • X478

      BLE-DALI 4 Interface - 2.4GHz - 4 DALI addresses max - Integrated beacon - VIN = 220-240Vac - dim. 235x80x68 mm
      Size (mm): 235x80x67
    • X023

      Screen for asymmetrical 180° emission
    • X087

      Satin-finished screen
    • B513

      Counter-plate with anchor bolts
      Size (mm): ø275x179
    • X529

      Size (mm): 223x98x15
    • B915

      IP68 box for multiple connections - dim. 135x82x70h
      Size (mm): 135x82x70
    • BZN7

      Y connector with 5 poles IP68 - For the connection of the DMX or DALI signal cable and power supply cable
    • X188

      2-way junction connector - IP68
      Size (mm): ø23
    • X189

      4-way junction connector - IP68
      Size (mm): 80x54x28
    • X562

      2-way IP68 male/female junction connector - 5 poles - 250/400V - DALI