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Light first. Design.


Light first. Led is more.

Light first. Led is more.

Graphic lighting

Sometimes light is born from designing shadows, from an emphasis on lines, from contrasts and crossings, it creates a harmony or a rhythmic counterpoint. Graphic Lighting is for instance possible only with instruments designed from applicative ideas that impose design constraints for the integration of lighting fixtures into architecture, concealing them from our vision or minimising volumes. This great innovation inaugurates new opportunities and new disciplines. A blade of light may mark the rhythm of space, inaugurating an original though on the relation between light and built space, between light and urban scene.

Design connection

A combination of existing elements with everchanging connections to open new possibilities: design, that of our historical experience, is not limited to product design, but it involves our entire activity. We are protagonists in the Italian world of design and we have collaborated with the best universities, with the most prestigious names in design and in the historical and critical preparation of formal and industrial design. We have organized conventions, exhibitions, and training events all over the world and received international awards. Light is created by designing elegant fixtures that decorate the space and by controlling their emission, with the purpose of obtaining visual quality in a specific context. A lighting fixture must be evaluated for its emission, performance, reliability, lighting features and aesthetic experience after installation. Light can convert function into emotion, transforming a building into a collective value and a landscape into a perceptive experience. Light comes before all else.

Light is for people

We work side by side with designers from the first phases of development. By studying new customised architectural solutions we can resolve the relations established by light between buildings and human beings: not only is our interest to illuminate space, but to enhance the quality of a place. We have lived great human experiences, met different sensibilities, worked with extraordinary partners and designers from all over the world: many of our solutions have come from their input. Again and again, ideas, thoughts, and dialogues are all around users who live their life under our lighting fixtures. Design is made for people, and people talk and discuss: collaboration means feeding a network for theoretical processing and concrete exchange with onsite tests. The design of light is a path of best practices: the task is to create a technological assembly able to generate an exact, balanced and stable light without forgetting beauty. Light is also a direction, it can be used as a semantic guide, it uses signs and graffiti, breaks continuity, underscores angles and curves, converts lines into vectors to indicate directions, and emphasises volumes.