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Linealuce Compact 75 surface

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Product Details

• Direct light luminaire, designed to use monochrome LED lamps.
• Ceiling- and wall-mounted.
• Consists of a body and supports for installation, to be ordered separately.
• Extruded aluminium body, with die-cast aluminium end caps complete with silicone seals. Coated with liquid acrylic paint with a high level of weather and UV ray resistance.
• The top of the optical assembly is closed by a 3 mm thick transparent glass screen, fixed with silicone.
• Complete with multi-LED plate in Very Warm White (2700K),Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4000K). Fitted with a PMMA diffusion filter (in some versions) and optics with plastic (methacrylate) lens for Wall Grazing lighting. Available versions White Tuning (LED White 2700K/4000K/ 6000K), Coloured light LED version (RGB and WRGBW with LED White 4000K).
• Supplied with a double connector, male/female, with 2-pin or 5-pin quick coupling for pass-through wiring.
• The product is supplied with electronic control gear, 100-277V ac ±10%, 50/60Hz contained in the luminaire. Dimmable versions include DMXRDM control system (DALI version on request).
• Dimensions: product cross-section 74x64 mm; 3 lengths available for all versions.
• All external screws used are made of A2 stainless steel.
• The luminaire technical characteristics conform to EN 60598-1 standards and particular requirements.

Colours available for Linealuce Compact 75 surface

  • 15 Grey

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