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Calatrava’s works illuminated by iGuzzini

The “Santiago Calatrava - Nella luce di Napoli” exhibition at the Capodimonte Museum

“I am always in search of more light and more space,” explained the architect, engineer, painter, sculptor and designer Santiago Calatrava, whose works are on display until 10th May 2020 at the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte. The exhibition “Santiago Calatrava - Nella luce di Napoli” (Santiago Calatrava - In the light of Naples) hosts four hundred works, including sculptures, drawings and models. Created by the artist over his 40-year-long career, this exhibition offers completely new insights into his work thanks to the medium of light.

The exhibition is curated by Sylvain Bellenger and Robertina Calatrava, sponsored by the Campania Regional Authorities, and organised and created by Scabec in collaboration with the Calatrava Studio and technical partner iGuzzini. The exhibition, in fact, is illuminated by 30 Palco luminaires installed on Low Voltage tracks to enhance the Valencia-born maestro’s use of colours and materials, sculptural forms, pictorial research and ceramic production.

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una sala del museo capodimonte con opere di calatrava
salone del museo capodimonte
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