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iGuzzini Industry 4.0 business model for the Ministry of Economic Development

iGuzzini’s presented by Confindustria

iGuzzini’s Industry 4.0 plan presented by Confindustria to Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni

8th February, Turin - Considered as a worthy Industry 4.0 example, iGuzzini witnessed the process of digitalisation of its production system during the event "Business Plan - Innovation and competencies" promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development. On this occasion, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, the Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda, and the Minister of Economy and Finance Pier Carlo Padoan, presented the 2017 results of the National Industry 4.0 Plan and the actions planned for 2018. The programme, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development and implemented with the contribution of Confindustria, aims to encourage investments in innovation related to the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by intelligent machinery interconnected within an information system able to interact with the people working in the same environment.

As highlighted in the video testimonial featured during the conference, innovation and change are ingrained in iGuzzini's DNA. The Group invests 5 million euro a year in order to increase flexibility, productivity and competitiveness through the digitalization of the manufacturing sector.
iGuzzini has increased the efficiency of its value chain by taking advantage of interoperability – the  ability of machines and people to exchange information efficiently – and through data acquisition via interconnected machines. A crucial theme of Industry 4.0 is the importance of human resources, who have been playing a crucial role since the early stages of this transformation. The idea is not that they will be replaced by machines, but rather, that they will have to update their skillset. The importance of people is also emphasized by the World Class Manufacturing programme, a continuous improvement programme involving all resources in the elimination of waste and losses, typical to industrial plants, through rigorous application of methods and standards.

iGuzzini’s testimonial is meant to act as an incentive for all companies to leverage the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 – a key challenge aiming to relaunch the Italian production system and to boost the country's growth and well-being.
The event was also attended by:  Vincenzo Boccia, President of Confindustria; Giorgio Alleva, President of Istat; Patrizia De Luise, President of Rete Imprese Italia; Carmelo Barbagallo, Susanna Camusso and Annamaria Furlan, General Secretaries; Prof. Marco Gilli, Rectors at the Polytechnic University of Turin; Prof. Gianmaria Ajani, Rector at the University of Turin and Anna Maria Poggi, President of the ITS ICT Torino Foundation.

Industry 4.0 Confindustria

iGuzzini Industry 4.0 business model for the Ministry of Economic Development
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