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The Blade conquers London at LDAwards

Best Product for Interior - Architectural Lighting

The most invisible downlight in the world doesn’t go unnoticed: The Blade conquers London at LDAwards.

The latest iGuzzini innovation, inspired by Lucio Fontana's art, awarded as Interior Luminaire Of The Year.  

Great achievements inaugurate 2017 for iGuzzini: after the Top Employers award, the iF Product Design (View, design iGuzzini-Arup), the double Red Dot Product Design Award (View; Lander, design Renzo Piano Building Workshop), The Blade goes a step further gaining the Best Product for Interior in Architectural Lighting at the Lighting Design Awards in London.
The Blade conquers London at LDAwards
Surgical precision in light diffusion, even smaller dimensions compared to the original Laser Blade family, extreme visual comfort, invisibility of light source and a wide range of shapes (linear and square) are the main features of Laser Blade XS "The Blade" created to be perfectly integrated in architecture as no other downlight.
With its minimal design and the miniaturization of the electronic and optical components, Laser Blade XS "The Blade", is an incredibly small solution (only 28 mm in width). A product that offers a high contrast light through a wide range of available cones (24°, 36°, 55°) or wall washer. In fact, thanks to the set-back position of the LEDs all light cones ensure an excellent visual comfort.
In addition, the special design of the optical system creates a perfectly homogeneous and circular luminous distribution without multi-shadow effects. It is also the world’s smallest professional wall washer. Thanks to the invisibility of the light source, Laser Blade XS "The Blade" has almost no visual impact, making it particularly suitable for applications in the retail and in the Hospitality&Living world.
The Blade is the star of a global tour called “The Blade Tour”, which began in London in March and continued to Düsseldorf (Euroshop), Berlin, Paris, Lyon, Sydney, Auckland, and will end with events in Dubai and New York.
Laser Blade XS "The Blade" is the latest innovation of the Laser Blade family that is composed of the following productsLaser Blade XLLaser Blade LLaser Blade and Laser Blade InOut - a program beginning in 2012.
IF Design Award, Red Dot, Lux Innovative Luminaire Award, World Interior News Award and Futurshop of Exporetail- are all testaments to the high level of performance of the Laser Blade range.
The 2017 Lighting Design Awards consists of 16 different categories, two of which are dedicated to interior and exterior architectural products.
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Video: Laser Blade XS “The Blade”, Made of Precision

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