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Digital Innovation Gate for the 21st Century (DIG421)

At the end of 2021, the headquarters of the Digital Innovation Gate 421 foundation presented the initial part of a series of works designed to establish it as a structured, collaborative space in various campuses.

The project masterplan, of which DIG421 is the first step, seeks to create a continuous, articulated flow of work, meeting, study and green areas. Nature and landscape are an integral part of the program. They interact with the architecture, shaping each other, creating an urban fabric punctuated by green backdrops, landscape interventions, plant canopies and a network of shared areas, including pedestrian paths, small squares, a canteen, kindergarten, auditorium (underground), refreshment areas and a park with a cycle and pedestrian path open to local inhabitants. The architecture creates a gentle landscape that blends in with the local area and gives shape to the idea of a continuous relationship and connection between the construction and the natural panorama, and between work activities and well-being.

The complex was commissioned by Giuseppe Pacotto, founder and CEO of Tesisquare, a company specialized in digital supply chain ecosystems in operation for almost 30 years in the Information Technology sector. In addition to its architectural and environmental quality, the new Olivetti-style headquarters designed by Nemesi Architects offers additional services for workers and opens up to the local community by means of the future construction of a public park and cycle paths that connect with Bra.

During the day, the environments stand out for their transparency and permeability to natural light. While at night, the artificial lighting performs two functions. On one hand, it lights the offices with iPlan modules that ensure soft, homogeneous lighting, calibrated with a colour temperature of 4000 K, in compliance with current lighting regulations regarding workplaces with computer screens. On the other, in the communal areas, on the stairs and in the corridors and meeting rooms, recessed luminaires with a low visual impact, like Laser Blade and Laser CoB, have been chosen. In the central cube, that features a fully glazed façade, the double-height environments are lit by Le Perroquet pendant luminaires.

For the exteriors, a colour temperature of 3000 K was chosen, and a decision was taken to highlight some of the distinctive architectural features, like the steel beam and wall with their climbing plants. The beam is the large horizontal structure that almost seems to embrace and protect one side of the complex. In this case the Underscore InOut light line further emphasizes the horizontal thrust of the structure. The covered areas are lit by Laser Blade InOut luminaires.

The wall, that is made of steel tubes, is a metal feature that runs along the entire foundation building, separating it from the Tesisquare headquarters. This metal structure will also be covered by plants and is lit at night by Trick 360° luminaires.

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  • Year
  • Client
  • Architectural project:
    Nemesi Architects
  • Lighting project:
    Studio Agnelli Giovanni
  • Photographer
    Paolo Carlini