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Padiglione Caritas

Caritas is the Catholic church's pastoral organisation that exists in over 200 countries worldwide. Its mission is to bring help to the poor and needy, and promote peace and social justice throughout the world. Lack of food is one of the main results of poverty and numerous inequalities exist around the world because of an unfair use of resources. This why Caritas is presenting its “One Human Family, Food for All” campaign at the Expo fair in Milan, because it believes in “dividing to multiply” The structure has been specially designed so it can be reused after the six-month event. More specifically, having been dismantled, it can then be reassembled as a village school, a counselling centre or a place where medical services can be provided to the needy.

The Edicola (or kiosk - as the small pavilion is called) is located in a highly strategic position opposite the main entrance. It is designed by PIUARCH, the architectural studio and winner of the “Best Italian Architect 2013” award. The area features various different elements, including a 200m2 outdoor paved section to welcome visitors, a 150m2 covered area divided into different rooms and a 550m2 green area. The structure's architectural concept centres around the idea of sharing as an opportunity: its basic structure is that of a fragmented cube: the main structure is divided into 5 similar sized volumes that are positioned according to their different purposes and united by a vertical design that echoes the horizontal layout of the floor plan. The construction's simple design is genuinely eco-friendly too. The pre-tensioned PVC mesh that covers the outside allows air and light to pass through, thereby reducing energy consumption to a minimum. The lighting project, designed by the ESA Engineering studio, follows the structure's architectural design by highlighting its range of volumes and their different purposes. This is achieved using dimmable lighting for each separate space. For the indirect general lighting Underscore have been installed that add a sense of lightness to the entire structure and give the impression that the ceilings and walls are almost “floating”. A particular focus has been given to the artwork “Energia” by Wolf Vostell,  by lighting it with high-concentration, track-mounted Palco spotlights. And a warm colour temperature has been used throughout to ensure that visitors feel comfortable and welcome.

The outdoor space is lit by the pavilion itself, which thanks to its transparent nature seems to literally glow.  Pencil bollards have been installed to indicate the pathway that leads to the entrance

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  • Year
  • Client
    Fondazione Caritas Ambrosiana
  • Architectural project:
    Studio PIUARCH
  • Lighting project:
    ESA Engineering
  • Photographer
    Lorenzo Palizzolo