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The Burgos “Las Llanas” Redevelopment Project

Together, la Llana de Afuera and la Llana de Adentro have created a complex and interesting urban space area, whose roots date back to the compact medieval urban fabric that surrounded the apse of the gothic cathedral of Burgos, a vast edifice that was added to the UNESCO List of World Heritage sites in 1984. 
The recent project launched by the Municipality of Burgos to regenerate the Las Llanas area has led to a major redevelopment of this part of the historical city that had gradually been falling into neglect. The project entitled "Urban Altar Screens" examines the historical evolution of the area and explains and regenerates it by tracing out its medieval urban fabric on the ground and shaping its space with a series of platforms. In addition to the lines on the paving stones that mark out the network of its bygone constructions, an information panel also explains how this area of Burgos was heavily built upon until the end of the 19th/beginning of the 20th century when all the buildings were demolished in order to leave more space around the cathedral. 

During the excavations for the works, guided visits were organised that aroused enormous interest amongst the population of Burgos, and, this is why all this information has been included in the new design of the area.
The project has even changed the way in which the citizens of Burgos use this location, which has once again become a place where people of all ages can live and pass the time of day together.

The redevelopment project includes a new lighting system that blends perfectly with the architectural work. Pole-mounted iPro projectors offer the advantage of including various luminaires on the same pole, which limits the number of poles needed and consequently the installation and maintenance work required. Flood optics offer general lighting for the area, while luminaires with spot optics are used to highlight certain architectural details. iPro luminaires have also been mounted directly along the walls, while recessed Light Up luminaires highlight the trees that have been planted. To illuminate the new area, that can also be used as an arena with places to sit, Underscore inOut luminaires have been installed, which also emphasize the lines that map out the positions of the old buildings. The colour temperature chosen for the area is 3000K, which helps to detach it from the rest of the city where a warmer colour temperature predominates.


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  • Year
  • Client
    Municipality of Burgos
  • Project design:
    Fernando Inés Gallo - municipal architect
    AU Arquitectos - Escribano Martínez, Arantza Arrieta Goitia, Santiago Escribano Martínez and Ignacio Sáiz Camarero
    AJO Taller de Arquitectura - Delia Izquierdo Esteban, Tomás Francés Tardajos, Jorge García Aguado, Carmen Francés Tardajos, Nuria Jorge Barrio y Amparo Gómez Cuevas
  • Archaeological consultant:
    Fabiola Monzón Moya
  • Construction company:
    ATI - Herrero Temiño e Construcciones y Restauraciones Rafael Vega ( Joint Venture)
  • Installer:
  • Photographer
    David Cardelús