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The new “Carlo De Benedetti” TOG Centre

The TOG Foundation was founded in 2011 with the aim of rehabilitating, free of charge, children and young people with complex neurological pathologies. In the following year, it established the Carlo De Benedetti TOG Centre, which can treat up to 100 children thanks to a team of rehabilitation specialists. 

The architectural design for the new TOG Centre, designed by Ciro Noja and assisted by Studio Milan for the works management and executive design, is characterised by fully glazed façades that ensure a high level of noise abatement with values similar to those required for hospital structures.  
The Theatro network managed and solved the design challenges generated by such a complex façade with studies and experiments, including the creation of a full-scale mock-up of the façade to assess its acoustic performance. 

The lighting design was also one of the elements that merited special research, as it is an essential part of the environments where neurological pathologies are treated. Illumination, uniformity and luminance levels were all carefully assessed in order to achieve full regulatory compliance, with no exceptions whatsoever. Specific requirements were also pursued and observed in order to obtain LEED certification with credits for Light Pollution Reduction, Minimum Energy Performance and Interior Lighting. All these goals were reached thanks to the iGuzzini luminaires used to create the lighting design developed by Margherita Suss from the GMS studio. 

The artificial illumination creates a general, diffuse, homogeneous lighting effect which combines with the natural light that enters through the large windows during the day and reproduces the same effect in the evening. This is achieved by IN60 and IN90 surface-mounted luminaires, which in some environments have been arranged to create attractive light plays on the ceiling. iPlan pendant luminaires have also been used.  

The basement, which houses a 5 x 8 m therapeutic swimming pool equipped with hydrotherapy areas and facilities, is lit using Laser Blade InOut luminaires that meet the special requirements of high humidity environments. A number of Trick luminaires with 360° emission have been used to animate the environments with graphic effects that combine with the bright colours used for certain architectural features. iGuzzini luminaires have also been used in outdoor areas. These include rectangular Walky bollards that illuminate the walkway outside the building and iPro floodlights that provide general lighting on the façades. 


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  • Year
  • Client
    TOG foundation
  • Design
    Ciro Noja with Milan Ingegneria
  • Lighting project:
    Studio Associato GMS - Margherita Suss
  • Photographer
    Marcello Mariana

Project Quote

"For a multidisciplinary foundation famed for its pioneering rehabilitation methods, it was essential to adopt a lighting design that would sustain the environments specifically designed to offer the best specialist care. The lighting in this project therefore plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing patients’ wellbeing and the comfort of the interiors. Its function extends far beyond the immediate need to illuminate spaces, as it can have a profound effect not only on aesthetics, but also on the physical and mental health of the young patients with serious neurological pathologies who live in the facility. This lighting design accompanies the ambitious path of stimulating and developing the characters of young patients. It is a project that seeks to support the specialists by enhancing atmospheres and maximising the functionality of the environments."

Margherita Suss, Studio Associato GMS

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