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The Pista 500

Benedetto Camerana, architect and landscape designer, considered one of the pioneers of Italian Green Architecture created a vast green graft on the roof of the Lingotto, transforming it into a sustainable oasis. 

The project promotes modern environmental principles by introducing solutions in the world of ecology, energy saving and social responsibility. Turin has always been a centre of invention and technology, as well as a leading European city in the car industry. Lingotto, historical home of FIAT that was based there from 1923 to the early 1980s, was its cathedral. 

In 1994, the former factory re-opened to the public as a vast multi-purpose structure, thanks to Renzo Piano's restoration project. The new Lingotto offers workspaces, hospitality, commercial, cultural activities and events, thus regaining an important position, this time in the regeneration of former industrial sites. Inside the building, the project for the Pista 500 courageously returns to the original concept of the Plan to incorporate nature into reinforced concrete. Benedetto Camerana's intention was to create a park on asphalt that colours the space in the middle of the test track, assuming the seasons' hues over time. Just like the High Line in New York, nature settles in among the industrial blue pipes attracting dragonflies, insects, hummingbirds and butterflies, creating a new and hoped-for biodiversity.

The Pista 500 covers 27,000 cubic metres of roofing, with natural installations that cover more than 6,000 square metres, split into twenty-eight green "islands". Hazelnut trees, dye plants and edible species alternate with fitness areas, meditation and yoga, while the race track in blue resin winds through the thematic regions and garden paths. 
The artificial lighting was created with iGuzzini luminaires and is shaped into congruity with the surroundings. It doesn't aim to overpower, but accompany the idea of simplicity, relaxation and enjoyment. 

The Lander bollards with asymmetrical optics and colour temperature of 3,000 K run along the whole track, safely lighting up both the section set aside for a cycle track and the one set aside for pedestrians, but they do it with maximum elegance, almost blending in with the vegetation.
In the parabolic curves, wall-mounted Platea Pro spotlights, with A45 street optics and complete with screen, guide the light strip to the point of recovering the entire extension of the curve. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Stellantis Group
  • Architectural project:
    Benedetto Camerana (landscape design, architectural project and coordination, concept and artistic direction)
  • Co-workers:
    Mattia Greco (project leader), Alberto Domini, Laura Acito, Gabriele Rossi, Antonio Pangallo and Andrea Tomasino.
  • Botanic and scent design :
    Cristiana Ruspa
  • Specialist consulting and Dekra certification:
    DROMO Engineering Architecture and Landscape
  • Mechanical systems and structural consulting project:
    Gierregi Ingegneria - Francesco Guarino
  • Electrics project:
    Gierregi Ingegneria - Alberto Richiero
  • Contractor company:
    D’Engineering srl
  • Photographer
    Michele Nastasi