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Raíl Mains Voltage superficie/suspensión

Todos los Raíl Mains Voltage

Lighting Effects

Product Details

  • Extruded aluminium body.
  • Available in different lengths: 1000/2000/3000/4000 mm.
  • The track houses 6 wires, of which 4 for three-phase mode and 2 for DALI mode. The wires are enclosed in extruded rigid sections made of insulating material with high electrical rigidity.
  • The 3-phase wires with a common ground provide 3 separate circuits that allow the use of 3 distinct switches. Powering the track to the one phase network, the maximum Composition load is 16A (3500 VA) FELV, while for DALI 2x1A contacts.
  • Connection to the 3-phase power network allows the system to have a total load of 16A (10500VA), DALI 2X1A (100VA) FELV. 
  • The lateral position of the grounding element makes the track structure asymmetrical. Therefore, the connecting joints must be chosen by keeping this in mind.
  • Ceiling-mounted and pendant installation (without exceeding the maximum load).

Colours available for Raíl Mains Voltage superficie/suspensión

  • 01 Blanco
  • 04 Negro
  • 12 Aluminio

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The Raíl Mains Voltage Line