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6 Place des Terreaux
69001 Lyon
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When we talk about the city of Lyon, we talk about light. Light is everywhere in the city, and not only during the famous eponymous festival, which is held every year around the 8th of December. This event brings together millions of international visitors and radiates Lyon’s image and culture beyond borders.

The lighting community (lighting designers, architects, professionals and students) comes together and meets in this city, and that is the reason why Lyon has become the second home of for iGuzzini in France, after the 25-year old subsidiary in Paris. Choosing the location was easy. The nearby area of Croix Rousse is home to many lighting professionals, so iGuzzini found a proper environment for its new site in Place des Terreaux, a historic building, very accessible and close to City Hall.

In Paris, iGuzzini offers a complete showroom and Light Experience close to the Bastille. In Lyon, the company adds a place for meetings, discussion, networking, work and training dedicated to the Lighting Community. The space is divided into three levels: the first is dedicated to light in all its forms, workshops, tools and experiences. The main floor, serving as a welcome and meeting area is decorated with a magnificent terrace overlooking the square, and with a stunning view of the Light Capital.

Finally, the attic top floor houses the offices that will support prescribers in their light projects.

Light first. Lyon.


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