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Via Mariano Guzzini
Recanati 62019 (MC)
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Life and Light. A story of Candid Public Photography by Nick Turpin

The next Lighthinking Event is dedicated to photography. On September, 13 at 5pm, Nick Turpin brings his wealth of experience and camera rolls to the iGuzzini Auditorium to tell Candid Public Photography.

“I am primarily known as a Street Photographer but that name doesn’t really describe my photography very accurately, I prefer the phrase Candid Public Photography. This is partly because I like to make pictures, not just in the street, but wherever the public come and go freely like parks, shopping developments and of course museums and galleries.”
Nick Turpin for Lighthinking 02 - Culture

Nick Turpin is a London based Street Photographer, in 2000 he was the founder of the in-public street photographers group which played a significant role in the modern resurgence of interest in Street Photography as an approach. Nick is the Art Director of STREET LONDON and creator of the the #canpubphoto initiative to identify candid public photography online. The English author is also an experienced advertising, design and editorial photographer with major campaigns under his belt for brands such as IBM,Toyota, Barclays Bank and Jaguar. His recent book On The Night Bus explores the lives of London Bus commuters travelling home in the winter months. The Photographer has taught Street Photography for The Tate Gallery, Sony World Photography Organisation and Apple.

The event will be live streamed and you can follow it through your PC, smartphone or tablet, connecting via this link at the date/time of the event >   

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