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I feel secure when I live in a safe place. Observing safety standards requires the installation of devices for preventing, monitoring, informing and guiding people, even in the event of danger.

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Palco InOut

Palco InOut

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We have ensured added value for product design by offering innovative application solutions.

Robin | Freestyle

Robin, by architect and designer Matteo Thun, takes its inspiration from the image of birds sitting on the wires of light that invite us to look up at the sky while they scrutinise our world from above. Similarly, the small yet powerful Robin spotlights, from the top of a truly slim track, provide downwards light by rotating the optical compartment by up to 160°, as well as rotating 360° on the horizontal plane. The appeal and uniqueness of this spotlight is further enhanced by a fi nal customisable accessory.

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Robin <span style="color:#000000;">| Freestyle</span>

Superrail | Infinity System

Superrail is a structure capable of housing an infinite number of solutions. This miniature track is only 25mm wide. It can be made up of infinite lengths in a continuous and seamless manner. Superrail can be installed as a recessed, minimal and frame, ceiling and/or suspended system. All in complete safety, thanks to the mechanical coupling system. This means the Robin spotlight can be integrated on top at the same time as inserting LED modules underneath for general lighting, thereby offering a dual solution of seamless direct and/or indirect lighting, since connecting the spotlight does not interfere with the continuity of the lighting line underneath.

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Superrail <span style="color:#000000;">| Infinity System</span>

Palco Beamer | System Accuracy

Palco continues to evolve even in the micro dimension, thanks to the addition of a low voltage 19mm beamer version. This innovative solution provides a variable optic capable of customising distribution from spot to wide flood, i.e. from about 9° to about 65° of the light cone aperture. The light flux can be easily adapted through easy manual adjustment.

Palco Beamer has proven to be an extremely useful tool in settings requiring installation flexibility, where objects on display are changed at regular intervals, by adapting light without having to replace the lighting fixture, while always assuring maximum lighting precision. Three colour temperatures: 4000K/3000K/2700K, with >90 colour rendering.

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Palco Beamer <span style="color:#000000;">| System Accuracy</span>

Palco | Integrated BLE Beacon

Palco is an iconic spotlight for professional lighting, with a soft, essential design and very high performance. The 122 mm diameter version of Palco is now also digital, thereby offering management directly via a smart device thanks to the BLE protocol. It has a beacon to send text (push notifi cation), audio or video information to smartphones, enriching visitor experience with content or guiding people through the indoor positioning function. The beacon can also collect and send useful information about how spaces are used. Especially interesting for exhibits, it is possible to monitor the hours lighting is ON and adapt the needs to the exhibition hours or according to artwork conservation needs. Or in retail environments, personalisations can be made in relation to customer preferences or marketing goals. Excellent colour rendering>97.

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Palco <span style="color:#000000;">| Integrated BLE Beacon</span>