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Linealuce Compact 47 recessed

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Lighting Effects

Product Details

  • Floor, wall or ceiling recessed luminaire intended for use with monochromatic, RGBW and Tunable White LED light sources with DALI or DMX-RDM control system and 220÷240Vac power supply.
  • Complete with electronic control card and power supply.
  • Class of Insulation II.
  • Comprising body, casing and end caps to be ordered separately.
  • Extruded aluminium body and flush end caps in die-cast zamak complete with silicone gaskets.
  • Liquid acrylic paint ensuring high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays.
  • Optical compartment closed at the top by a 8mm thick transparent glass screen secured with silicone.
  • Supplied with double nickel-plated brass cable gland, outgoing rubber cables for pass-through wiring (only DMX-RDM versions). Electrical connection connectors to be ordered separately.
  • Equipped with optics with plastic lenses (methacrylate).
  • Wall-grazing Spot light distribution optics (WGS), Wall grazing Medium (WGM) and Wall grazing Wide Flood (WGWF), and Flood (F) with Antislip R13 compliant DIN 51130 certification.
  • Non-slip complying with R13 DIN 51130 certification.
  • Internal accessories: longitudinal blade louvre.
  • All external screws used are in A2 stainless steel.
  • Mechanical system designed to obtain continuous rows up to 10.5 m while considering environmental thermal expansion between -30 °C and +50 °C.
  • The appliances are designed and tested to withstand a static load of up to 20000 N and are suitable for vehicles with tyres.
  • The appliances cannot be used in lanes where they are subjected to horizontal stresses arising from acceleration, braking and/or changes of direction.

Colours available for Linealuce Compact 47 recessed

  • 15 Grey

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