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Minimal and connected pole

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Product Details

  • Pre-perforated cylindrical-conical poles with the following holes: 2 holes with brass inserts for installing the flange and 1 hole with a rubber gasket for the installed product cable to pass through.
  • Vertical, horizontal and 60° and 90° helix holes are also available.
  • The poles are supplied pre-perforated, so their zinc and original paint coatings are integral and able to maintain a high level of rust resistance over time.
  • Positioning the power supply units inside the panel simplifies maintenance and reduces costs.
  • The cylindrical-conical poles are supplied with two small opening panels that allow an IP68 box containing the BLE-DALI interface to be installed as well as a circuit that protects against overvoltages and a wiring PG (for Ø102mm poles and Ø120mm poles).
  • The cylindrical-conical poles are available in heights of 5, 7, 9 and 12m both in a version for burial and a version with a plate in White, Black, Rust Brown and Grey.

Colours available for Minimal and connected pole

  • 01 White
  • 04 Black
  • 15 Grey
  • F5 Rust brown

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The Minimal and connected pole Line