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Crystal also obtains the PEP Ecopassport Environmental Declaration

After Light Shed, the Crystal downlight also obtained the Type III PEP Ecopassport environmental declaration, a result that concretely testifies to the sustainability path undertaken by iGuzzini.

Recalling that more than 90% of the environmental impact of a lighting fixture derives from its use, Crystal achieves exceptional lighting efficiency values ​​thanks to the variable and intelligent management of the flow. In addition, it is made with:
  • 76.2% recycled aluminum body,
  • 95% recycled aluminum caps,
  • thermoformed cover in 85% recycled PET (100% recyclable),
  • 100% recyclable PC raster and
  • 100% recyclable PMMA optics.

With recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging, it is made in the Recanati plant, powered by 100% electricity from renewable sources verifiable and demonstrable through GSE certificates of origin, with over 20% of the energy needs satisfied by self-production (PV plants).
Crystal also obtains the PEP Ecopassport Environmental Declaration
Crystal, in white/transparent finish.

Almost simultaneously, iGuzzini was cited by the Circular Lighting Report as a virtuous and far-sighted example in having chosen to follow the PEP Ecopassport program (even in advance of Lighting Europe itself).

The PEP (Product Environmental Profile) Ecopassport Program is a type III environmental declaration according to the ISO 14025 standard. International reference programme for environmental declarations of products from the electrical, electronics and heating and cooling industries.
Crystal also obtains the PEP Ecopassport Environmental Declaration
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