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iGuzzini for the Montappone Hat Museum

The collection "Marche. Tanto di Cappello” hosts the new hat made by iGuzzini

The Hat Museum of Montappone receives from iGuzzini ‘Tribute to Michele De Lucchi’, a unique hat inspired by the iconic Venaria lamp designed by the architect. The hat, made on a human scale with the technique of additive manufacturing and composed of latest generation LED, was officially delivered to the museum by Adolfo Guzzini - President Emeritus of iGuzzini Illuminazione - in the presence of the mayor of Montappone Mauro Ferranti, the museum director Mario Amerino Clementi and Giuliano De Minicis, art director of the museum's special collection that will house the headgear. "Marche. Tanto di Cappello” welcomes a series of unique hats designed by the Marche region companies involved in the project, which have artistically interpreted their techniques and materials.
iGuzzini for the Montappone Hat Museum
The collection is expanding today thanks to the light crown designed by iGuzzini. ‘Tribute to Michele De Lucchi' is a 'regal' headgear - inspired by Venaria, a device designed by De Lucchi for Piazza della Repubblica in Turin - which, in its perfect circularity, recalls the story of the Reggia di Venaria and the crowned heads it has hosted.
iGuzzini for the Montappone Hat Museum
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