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iGuzzini presents Lighthinking 03, dedicated to our cities

Our third annual magazine is a journey that explores projects, studies and in-depth surveys of the different uses of light in urban environemnts

On 16th May, with the occasion of the International Day of Light proclaimed by UNESCO, iGuzzini presents its new issue of Lighthinking, the annual magazine that explores light culture through history, art, architecture, projects, advanced research and human sciences.

Lighthinking 03 - Urban is dedicated to the urban environment and the places where traditionally people meet and socialize. Here, light plays a fundamental role in enhancing spaces and contributing to the well-being of those who live there, becoming an attractive, strategic and ecological factor in urban planning. Lighthinking 03 wants to investigate and deepen the different uses of light by looking at projects, studies, insights and editorial contributions from around the world.

To download your copy of Lighthinking 03 - Urban, click here.
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