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New Products 2019: Nema 7-pin DALI socket

The new technology for energy saving and infrastructure connection

Smart cities apply digital technologies to transform their identity and improve the well-being of people, whether residents or tourists. Lighting plays an important role in energy management and for this reason systems such as photo-sensitive cells or twilight sensors are more and more frequently used to manage public systems and thereby intelligently optimize the use of energy. Our Street, Quid and Twilight systems are equipped with the Nema 7-pin socket with an IP65 rated plug for easy, "toolfree" connection. Each Nema compatible device adapts artificial luminous flux values to specific daily needs. The public illumination system also provides an infrastructure evenly distributed throughout the local area, which can be used to integrate other intelligent connection elements within the IoT network.

Any Nema compatible element can be easily integrated into the system without the need to replace the luminaires. The Nema socket is also very compact and helps maintain an aesthetic balance. Just a few centimetres to enter the future of connected infrastructures.
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