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Palco goes outdoor

Palco InOut

Palco InOut, design Artec3 Studio

2017 Preview
Palco InOut extends our collection of Palco spotlights and framers developed for interiors into outdoor applications. Professional spotlights for architectural illumination initially starting off with 30mm and 49mm diameters. Other sizes will then be issued to provide an incomparable range of solutions.
Palco goes outdoor
[Photo: Palco Inout, ø 49mm]

Innovative Opti Beam optical technologies, with lenses and reflectors to combine comfort, clean beam outlines and power. Multiple optics, with spot, medium and flood cones. Professional optical and photometric accessories to adapt the light flow to specific application requirements. High chromatic quality and three colour temperatures available.

Minimal design and optimal performances for applications in architectural, hospitality & living settings.

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