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Enzo Eusebi in Beijing with iGuzzini's Albero

Beijing Design Week 2017

Design redefines our urban landscape

Beijing, one of UNESCO’s Creative Design Cities, will host the eighth edition of the Beijing Design Week international exhibition between 21st September and 7th October 2017. The event will attract designers, artists, architects and fans from all over the world through a flurry of design talks, events, and projects. One of the main events on offer is the Beijing Design Forum, held on 22nd September in the China Millenium Monument Theatre in Beijing. It is where academics and professionals will discuss the hot topics at the forefront of the design world. An important presence at the exhibition is the Italian designer Enzo Eusebi who will showcase his significant contribution to architectural design, using his concept for iGuzzini’s Albero as an emblematic example. Albero is a lighting solution designed by Enzo Eusebi for iGuzzini, as part of the reconstruction project developed for L’Aquila following the disastrous earthquake that hit the region.

The Forum’s main theme this year is "Design +" and its aim is to stimulate the use of design as a key aspect of sustainable development and growth within an urban context. In line with this, Enzo Eusebi decided to present the Albero, a creative luminous solution featuring 21 modular arms. The product challenges traditional stringency through its interactive system which completely redesigned the ruined landscape of the Abruzzo region. A clear example of how design plays a crucial role in the development of a place and how it can influence both land and people.

Albero is not the only product that Enzo Eusebi designed for iGuzzini. He also created the Quid projector in 2015. The clean-cut design, which strips away anything superfluous to highlight the product's compact thickness and minimalist features, was defined by its creator as the “superlight” luminaire of street lighting. A solution designed to meet current and future requirements and which can be integrated into "smart-city" projects. Quid's eco-design is perfectly aligned with iGuzzini’s and Eusebi’s approach to sustainability. As such, the projector can be easily disassembled in recyclable and reusable parts at the end of its lifespan.

iGuzzini’s collaboration with Enzo Eusebi continues the company’s desire to take part in the important dialogue between design and industrialization as this is paramount to creating solutions that meet people’s needs while improving the urban landscape in a sustainable manner

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