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Palco InOut | Solid Thinking
Palco InOut extends our collection of Palco floodlights and framers developed for indoor into outdoor applications. Professional floodlights for architectural lighting with five different diameters starting at just 30mm (1" 1/6) to offer a range of incomparable solutions.

Innovative Opti Beam optical technologies, with lenses and reflectors to combine comfort, clean beam outlines and power. Wide range of selection of optics, from spot cones to medium, flood, wide flood (80°) and framers.

Palco InOut Framer Skin Changer expands the application possibilities for the Palco InOut Framer system. By inserting a specific gobo (metallic, dichroic glass, with coloured filters or geometric shapes) into the framer, a creative and customised lighting scenario.Minimal design and optimal performance for applications in architectural and urban environments.

We will explore the following points:
  • Why “Solid Thinking” is a singularity.
  • Why Palco InOut is a urban & architectural solution.
  • Why Palco InOut offers multiple distributions.
  • Why Palco InOut is also a creative tool.
  • Why Palco InOut ensures integrated reliability.

Thu, Mar 18, 2021 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST
This is the first event of a webinar cycle specifically addressed for the United States and Canada.

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