The Öschberghof
One of the most attractive hotels located in southern Germany on the edge of the Black Forest.
A lighting project that achieves the perfect balance between technical and decorative equipment. Architecture: Almann Sattler Wappner Architekten GmbH - Lighting project: notholt lighting design
Head office of the Law Society
Three key ideas at the heart of this project: transparency, urban context and functionality.
Numerous special pieces of equipment were designed and manufactured for this lighting project. Architectural project: Renzo Piano Building Workshop - Lighting project: Franck Franjou
Sino-American T. & F. Tower
A white flower to light up the building's façade located in the old part of Shanghai.
Architectural project: East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. - Architects: Weiliang Zhao, Peidong Chen and Yang Wang - Lighting Project: Poetry Vision & Art Design Co
Decorative Arts Museum. Antique jewellery and new lighting
A museum dedicated to recounting history with its collection of design, fashion and fabrics, adverts and graphics.
A lighting that recreates the sparkle of Ali Baba's cave. Outfitting project: Roberto Ostinelli & Partners - Lighting project: Voyons Voir
The Salone dei Mesi at Palazzo Schifanoia
One of Ferrara's most important symbols.
The Palazzo Schifanoia which, with its Renaissance splendour, has charmed visitors for centuries, is again sparkling thanks to the lighting work that creates a dynamic lighting direction where general lighting and the lighting of details offer a fresh perspective of the frescoes. Lighting project: STUDIO PASETTI lighting concept and re-qualification project of the visual perception: Arch. Alberto Pasetti Bombardella with: Arch. Claudia Bettini, Arch. Chiara Brunello and Caterina Salvini
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