Copenhill. A ski slope on the roof
In Copenhagen, a waste-to-energy system that hosts a ski slope.
A power plant that is so safe, you can walk and ski right under its chimney, even at night, thanks to the homogeneous lighting of the slopes. Architectural design: BIG, Landscape design: SLA, Lighting design: Jesper Kongshaug
The Experimenta Science Center extension
Located in Heilbronn, the Experimenta Science Center is aimed at a public of young visitors.
Located in Heilbronn, the Experimenta Science Center is aimed at a public of young visitors.
The Legend of the True Cross
In Arezzo, Piero della Francesca’s masterpiece can now be enjoyed in a new light.
The painting’s spatial structure with its strict perspective and grandiose figures immersed in an atmosphere of subtle, abstract light and net colour contrasts between warm and cold tones can now be seen more clearly thanks to the new lighting system.
Tibidabo square
Barcelona’s amusement park now has a new welcome area for visitors.
A vertical garden in the new Tibidabo square hosts the largest insect hotel in Barcelona. Friendliness and fun characterise this space that at night offers a beautiful interplay of light and shadow.
A lighting system for the Sferisterio.
Dynamic, coloured lighting to make the whole town of Macerata a stage.
A lighting system designed to highlight the architectural value of the building and the surrounding area. White light to animate the façades through an interplay of light and shadow, and coloured lights for special occasions.
Sumosan, Japanese cuisine in Montenegro
The prestigious Sumosan restaurant opened in Tivat, Porto Montenegro in Montenegro in 2018.
Elegant architectural lines and no superfluous objects, its simple, refined design complies perfectly with minimalist Japanese style. And perfectly in tune, too, is the balance of light and shadow created by the lighting.
The Library of Trees.
Milan’s new “green lung”.
Different lighting effects in the park underline its role as an urban connector, a cultural campus and a botanical garden.
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