iN 60
Continous Linearity
iN60 is a modular lighting system for continuous lines. We have innovated this collection introducing two new optics, both with very high efficiencies and visual comfort.

The iN60 Space version uses patented Opti Diamond optics, in two finishes, to produce an extraordinary lighting distribution on both vertical and horizontal planes, contributing to a feeling of spaciousness and, therefore, of visual well-being. With efficiency levels up to 150 lm / W and high fluxes. The iN60 MMO version, with the new modular optic metallic (MMO) creates an efficient and comfortable light effect, with efficiency values up to 145 lm / W e UGR <19.
Tecnica Evo
Efficient and Powerful
Compact, efficient and powerful, with excellent color rendering ​​and different color temperature options.

Ideal for lighting retail environments, even in the food sector with specific “food” versions that use patented LED technology with spectra developed specifically for the different types of goods, to highlight specific color tones without altering the saturation of the surrounding colors.
Power Supply
Underscore InOut
Top Bend & High Output
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