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Palco InOut
Lighting that
can change our cities
Creative Light Creative light projects images and splendour around the city in a vast extensive museum, from the centre to the outskirts and communicates with the people. The city thus becomes an emitter and container of social happiness, bringing together places and people. Art and beauty enhance our well-being, even more so if shared, and make us feel happy. The city changes, moves, colours and transforms to the rhythm of urban creativity.

Minimal, compact design to blend harmoniously in with the architecture and landscape. A vast array of optical accessories to achieve a custom designed, dynamic creative scenario.

Questo il testo top
Questo il testo bottom

Painting new urban designs with light, in support of a creative city

Painters of Beauty / Belfast

The street artists around the world paint works of art on city walls, to decorate or redevelop suburbs and run down areas. Light can become a new urban writing tool, to write at night and disappear by day. Creativity takes on different shapes and, as a whole, they add value to places, bringing them back to life. Palco InOut Framer with dichroic glass gobos and framer.
International Wall, Belfast
Painters of Beauty / <span class="text-red">Belfast</span>Painters of Beauty / <span class="text-red">Belfast</span>

Enjoy the Komorebi / Oslo

The light that filters through leaves on trees, in Japanese the “komorebi”, is the light which children follow. It is the light that projects uneven shapes, creating delicate shadows and lights. During the night the magic effect of the leafy branches swaying in the wind can be recreated on the ground, evoking the pleasure of Komorebi. Palco InOut Framer with micro-laser cut motifs and coloured gobos and dynamic dimmer effects.
Stasjonsallmenningen, Nordenga Bridge and Sørenga

Bringing Trees to Life / Recanati

The trees transform into urban faces, lending their foliage as a three-dimensional shield to add depth to the projection of an image that only reveals itself at certain observation points. City parks, avenues or individual trees can be brought to life trough light, transforming all of a sudden into evocative glimpses over the city. Palco InOut Framer with dichroic glass gobos.
Colle dell'Infinito
Bringing Trees to Life / <span class="text-red">Recanati</span>Bringing Trees to Life / <span class="text-red">Recanati</span>

Walking on water / Liberec

Walking on water transports a person to an almost dreamlike, fairy-tale reality. Immersing oneself in a city waterfall, interacting with the light, frees the imagination and stimulates pleasure by creating a joyful effect and so of well-being. It is possible to create static and dynamic water effects with light, to play with it and transform the city and the surrounding area. Palco InOut Framer with dichroic glass gobos.
Regional Gallery
Walking on water / <span class="text-red">Liberec</span>Walking on water / <span class="text-red">Liberec</span>

Being a Lilliputian / Trento

Nowadays, the surfaces of buildings conceptually enlarge the image of our small screens, catapulting people into a Lilliputian world and reproducing that effect of amazement which one has when something that is small suddenly becomes enormous. Palco InOut Framer with dichroic glass gobos and framer.
MUSE - Science Museum
Being a Lilliputian / <span class="text-red">Trento</span>Being a Lilliputian / <span class="text-red">Trento</span>

Art Light Flags, Venice

The artist, Mario Arlati, with the “Art Light Flags” installation steps outside of the museum and gallery surroundings to project himself onto the urban and lived-in museum of the city of Venice, through dynamic and evocative projections of the Moon. Palco InOut Framer with dichroic glass gobos and dynamic dimmer effects.
Smart Creative Light is an intelligent creative light that offers users the added value of projecting messages onto urban screens and transmitting them directly onto the screen of their smartphone via an app. Texts, sounds and videos can be used to narrate light effects or simply help citizens explore creative places and offer them a richer and more exciting, multi-sensory urban experience. Smart light is a light that speaks in the language of Bluetooth.

The whole city in a single product

Cities live through the people who inhabit them. Cities change their appearance to surprise, entertain and make people think, but more than that, cities must be user friendly. Here, light becomes white again, to reveal the authenticity and liveability of every location and ensure it is safe and comfortable. Palco InOut and Palco InOut Framer luminaires are designed for the city’s every moment and need.
Palco InOut Framer is part of the Palco InOut range, a collection of professional projectors for architectural lighting, which takes the Palco indoor range, outdoors. Available in six different sizes with a range of unique solutions with luminous flux of up to 8000 lumen.

Palco InOut Framer

alternative text alternative text
ø 30
5.2 lm
9° > 22°
​19° > 26°
​19° > 26°

Palco InOut Floodlights

alternative text alternative text
ø 30
180 lm
14° > 24°
ø 49
360 > 500 lm
16° > 42°
ø 83
686 > 742.5 lm
8° > 86°
Palco InOut Floodlight ø 119 mm Palco InOut Floodlight ø 119 mm
ø 119
480 > 1423 lm
8° > 80°
ø 137
567 / 2962 lm
4° > 80°
ø 153
4812 > 5312lm
16° / 48° / 76°

Installations Floodlights and Framer

Ground / Floor Ground / Floor
Ground / Floor
Wall mounted Wall mounted
Wall mounted
Pole Pole
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