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Privacy Statement

Privacy code: Information in accordance with article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree number 196/2003

Pursuant to Italian Delegated Law No. 196 dated 30 June 2003, any one party shall be entitled to the protection of their personal information. In accordance with such law and in consideration of the fact that we wish to handle your personal information, we hereby inform you that, in compliance with article 13 of Italian Delegated Law 196/2003, we will handle such information in strict adherence to all principles of integrity, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your privacy and related rights.

In consideration of the above, the following section describes how we intend to handle your personal information:

a- The purposes in relation to which your personal information shall be handled include, without limitation, the following objectives:
- to promote and expand the reach of the Company’s products and services;
- to send commercial and promotional material;
- to promote and expand the reach of the lighting engineering culture;
- to carry out any and all activities and to take any and all initiatives which fall within the scope of marketing and communication in general.

b-Your personal information shall be handled by specifically-appointed entities, in such a way as to ensure its security and confidentiality, through the paper or automated media which might be required in order to store, manage or transfer such information for the above purposes, in compliance with the aforementioned law.

c- You shall not be obliged to confer personal information. Failure to confer personal information could result in the cancellation of its “handling”, thus preventing you from enjoying any benefits that might derive from it.

d- The entities to which your personal information could be provided or which could gain access to it in their capacity as managers or appointed persons are:
- members of our Company’s Marketing Department, Managing Direction, General Sales Department, Research Centre Department, Information Technology Department.
- public or private entities which are entitled to gain access to your personal information by virtue of a national provision of law or regulation or by secondary or EU standards;
- companies and agencies which provide specific processing services to us or whose objects are connected to, instrumental to, or ancillary to our own, to the extent required to carry out the assignments for which they have been engaged and provided that they undertake to handle your personal information with the necessary confidentiality and security.

e -You shall be entitled to enforce your rights under article 7 of Italian Delegated Law No. 196/2003, an excerpt of which is provided below. In particular, you shall be entitled to exercise the following rights:
- to receive confirmation that personal information about you has been collected, even if such information has not been recorded yet, to be forwarded such information in an intelligible form, and to be informed about its origin, handling purposes and principles and the criteria applied in case such information is handled via electronic means;
- to obtain the cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or freeze-up of all information which is not necessary in relation to the purposes for which such information has been collected and handled;
- to obtain the correction, updating, amendment and integration of such information;
- to object, for legitimate reasons, to the handling of your personal information, in full or in part, even when such information is relevant to the purpose of the collection.

g- The responsibility for the handling of the above personal information shall lie with iGuzzini illuminazione spa (as Data Controller), whose registered office is at Via Mariano Guzzini, 37 - Recanati (MC) – Italy, to whom you may address yourself in order to exercise your rights.

Recanati, 02.01.2018