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Malek museum

The non-profit institution inception dates back to 1937 when Haj Hossein Agha Malek, born in 1871, heir to a vast fortune who firmly believed in the culture and its advancement as a means to happiness, made an endowment of his collections of historical and art works allowing the entire community to access and share the outstanding value of his belongings.

The cultural institution has since then represented a precious resource for entire generations of art lovers, intellectuals and researchers and has been flourishing over the years thank to the donations of collectors and philanthropists who, in adherence to the museum’s mission, have significantly contributed to augment the richness of its patrimony.

Nestled in the heart of Teheran, the Malek Museum, which comprises also a Library with over 19000 manuscripts ranging from the 7th to 20th centuries, is the biggest private museum in Iran and one of the most prestigious Islamic cultural institutions in the Middle East, boasting massive collections as diverse as including lacquers, coins (dating back to the Achaemenid era), paintings, memorial stamps, carpets and calligraphy with some of the finest Persian exemplars.

A lively and vibrant cultural entity rather than a mere window displaying the treasures of the past eras, the Malek Museum looks towards the future and continues to inspire its visitors by playing a vital role in the Iranian artistic and cultural landscape (scene) with a rich and engaging program of events and cultural initiatives.

One of the halls of the museum, the ‘Hall of Art”, where a precious and exquisite collection of calligraphy works, lacquered book bindings, documents and manuscripts, all donated by Mrs. Ezzatolmolouk Malek, is being beautifully displayed, has recently undergone major reconstruction. The lighting designers involved in the renovation of the 300 sqm Museum Art Hall, Hoorshar design company, aiming at preserving and emphasizing the features and the personality of the institution, have been developed a lighting scheme to create an ambience which reflects and celebrates the grandeur of the Malek Museum with a contemporary touch. With this in mind, the designers have selected those iGuzzini luminaires and technology system which could better meet the museum requirements and emphasize the showcased artworks without altering their unique soul. This result could be gained by the combined synergy between these main 2 factors: the utilization of luminaires all characterized by the LED technology, which translates into a high versatility, a maximum integration with the surrounding environment and high lighting performances, and the DALI control system, for an innovative customization.
The walls in the main exhibition hall are lit by a series of Sydecar projectors, which generate a uniform light to enhance the enjoyment of the artworks and are managed by the DALI protocol to guarantee the maximum control. The Express has been chosen instead to illuminate the central display case located in the middle of the room, due to its precision and high adjustability.

The Ledstrip, installed in the false ceiling along the main area perimeter, maximizes the flexibility in shaping the light dynamics and patterns, enhancing the powerful impact of the artifacts and enabling them to display their entire natural splendor.
The renovated Art Hall has been unveiled on May 2012, on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition presenting the treasures donated by Madam Ezat Malek, the daughter of Haj Hossein Agha. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Malek Library and National Museum, National Museum of Iran
  • Architectural project:
    Arash Milaninia, Azin Jabbari Tehrani
  • Lighting project:
    Hoorshar Design company