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Statera headquarters

“Stadera” scales are a kind of weigher, and it is this sense of balance that the young Statera partners wanted to express when they founded the company. Statera is a data consulting company offering expertise in various sectors, from management engineering to pharmaceuticals, the banking and insurance sector, digitalization and services in general. It has the ambitious goal of becoming a reference partner for numerous companies within 5 years. 

Located on the top two floors of a tall building on Avenue Charles de Gaulle, the Statera headquarters enjoys a splendid view that extends unobstructed from the Eiffel Tower to the Vuitton Foundation in the south, and from La Défense, on a clear day, as far as the Arc de Triomphe in the north. Thanks to this location, natural light floods generously across the two floors on the south side as well as offering changing conditions during the day and year.

The idea behind the project for the headquarters of this corporation was to go beyond the normal formalities applied to workspaces and create a more domestic environment with a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

The client therefore commissioned Adelia Demachy to create a space with these characteristics as her work uses a biophilic and sustainable design approach.  
In fact, the designer had to rethink traditional office lighting in a more discreet, intimate and environmentally conscious way. The visual comfort of users of the space was also taken into account as well as compliance with workspace lighting regulations. But the overall aim was to create lighting that would allow anyone to work in all of the environments. The architect - interior designer created these spaces with no clichés, subdivisions or predetermined uses. As a consequence, Adélia Demachy worked on the lighting of the 10 workrooms by thinking of them as large or small apartment living rooms. She chose a warm colour temperature of 2700K, instead of the 3000K or 4000K traditionally used in offices.. 
Much of the lighting in these environments is created by decorative elements, with natural materials, to underline the domestic atmosphere. But these are complemented by Palco accent lighting projectors. In some cases, small versions of these luminaires have been placed inside vases to emphasise the plants and greenery that fill these spaces. 

The first floor houses a large work area with state-of-the-art computer equipment. In this area, 5-cell Laser Blade XS recessed luminaires have been used. On this floor there is also a large open space kitchen with a Mediterranean atmosphere, in which black Palco tracks and projectors have been installed. Recessed versions of Palco projectors fitted with coloured reflective film have also been used on the ceilings to play with rays of natural light during the day and diffuse artificial light in the evening.
Luminaire miniaturisation has been very useful for managing the lighting of some of the small spaces, like the toilets where recessed Laser ⦰38 luminaires have been used and the rest areas where the same recessed Laser ⦰38 luminaires have been inserted in a wooden ceiling.
Superrail and LV tracks have been used for both the Palco and Laser Blade luminaires installed in the kitchen and jazz room.

The top floor has two terraces where Walky bollards also illuminate a small petanque court and Palco inOut projectors have been inserted in the greenery and run along the glass wall where they are mounted on the window frames to create a sense of continuity with the Palco projectors installed on the track inside. The glass walls to the north and south create four inviting interior spaces reminiscent of seaside houses.
Through these spaces that have been completely redesigned with an environmentally friendly approach and using bio-sustainable materials and processes, the new Statera headquarters expresses a serene, generous and eloquent personality.

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Project Quote

"The idea behind this project was to overcome the formality of classic workspaces by creating a home where subdivisions are imperceptible, and the atmosphere is warm and friendly."

Adelia Demachy

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