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Advantages for users
Smart services change user experience: messages are personalised, timely and based on the user's needs or preferences. In retail settings, users enjoy a true shopping experience where additional information can direct choices in a better, more aware and updated manner. In a museum, users can enjoy their visit independently by receiving information about works on smartphones, while also defining the preferred level of detail.

Advantages for
managers / owners
When using this smart service, for example, the improved user experience helps shop managers retain their customers. While museums could optimize the management and costs of traditional audio guides. It is possible to create more flexible marketing campaigns.
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The Smart Services functions indicated are enabled via beacon devices that can be integrated into low-voltage track or luminaires exploiting the benefit of having a regular network that is always powered and distributed throughout the space. For details about the composition of the system and the dedicated App, contact iGuzzini.

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Isola, Laser, Palco and Laser Blade luminaires, Quick BLE and BeCon devices ensure that the system is ready for Smart Services.
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